Welcome to the SeSalt Network!

SeSalt is an expat community business networking platform. We provide you an opportunity to be part of our growing expat business family.  


People tend to look for business opportunities first within their own communities before searching elsewhere. Instead of doing business with a total stranger, people prefer someone who they are familiar with or who is recommended by someone they trust. This is called a familiarity effect. SeSalt provides you an opportunity to become a member of a community, to promote and expand your business within the community, to establish new contacts and discover old friends. As a SeSalt member, you can communicate with other members, wherever they are, and they can also easily find you.

In this fast changing world, where people move far away from home,  your small expat community can become your family. But have you ever been curious to know what the other communities are doing? SeSalt provides an easy opportunity to interact with other communities, do business with them and to have fun together.

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